Secondary Market

One of the first questions that come to the minds of those who invest in companies through crowdfunding is the issue of earnings related to the future of their investments. In this direction, besides the profit of the investment that startup investors call exit, secondary market transactions are the second method that stands out.

In crowdfunding, secondary market transactions represent the share transfers of companies whose investments have been completed and whose share distribution has been realized. Secondary market transactions, which increase the liquidity of securities, can also create new demands for the primary market. To make a terminological explanation, the issuance of shares by the state or the company is called the primary market, while the transactions made by third parties, who are investors after the issuance, are defined as the secondary market. In the crowdfunding communiqué, it is stated that secondary market transactions can be carried out in the relevant market within the framework of the procedures and principles prepared by Borsa Istanbul and approved by the CMB. In the same communiqué, it was stated that platforms cannot mediate secondary market transactions. However, mediating the communication of members among themselves does not constitute a violation of this provision.

We also carry out our work in this field within the framework of the limits drawn by the legislation. Within the scope of these studies, the infrastructure has been provided to bring together investors who want to sell their shares and those who want to buy.

How does the system work?

After registering on the platform, buying or selling advertisements can be opened. Within the scope of these postings, our support team will contact you after the members apply for the postings and will send you the transfer agreement. After the agreement is filled on the number of shares and price agreed between the buyer and the seller, our platform will advance the process with the entrepreneur and the share transfer transactions will be realized.

How can I advertise?

After you become a member of the platform, you must access the post an ad page after your e-mail and SMS verification process. After completing the share name, price, quantity and other information you want to advertise, you submit your request creation order. Our request fulfillment team publishes the advertisement after examining the details of the advertisement.

Important Reminder About Tax Liability

According to the Income Tax Law, the gains obtained by the disposal of the securities owned by real persons are evaluated within the "value increase gains". According to this regulation, the gains obtained from the transfer of stocks belonging to resident corporations and held for more than two years are not subject to income tax. However, if there is a profit from the sale in less than two years, it will be subject to income tax.

Do I have to pay for these transactions?

No payment will be made to the platform for share buying/selling transactions. In the event that a possible official institution requests expenses while the transactions are continuing, it can be revoked to the people who buy/sell.

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