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Girişim Kitle Fonlama Platformu Inc., which was authorized by the Capital Markets Board on February 24, 2022 in order to establish a strong, innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem in the light of legal regulations, is a Crowdfunding Platform that brings the Entrepreneur and Investor together under the same roof with the brand “”.

Fonangels carries out a share-based Crowdfunding campaign to ensure that entrepreneurs' funding needs are met for the launch of projects at the initial stage. Fonangels carries out the work of innovative projects to be funded by investors registered with e-Government verification, even for 1 TL, to support entrepreneurs and to mediate Investors who want to invest in the future to explore projects in the field of technology and production.

You can become a free member of our Platform by clicking on the “Register" button and clicking on the “Activate My Account” button that comes to your email address by making E-government, TCKN and phone verification. Thus, you can examine the projects in detail, realize your investments safely and follow the developments about our Platform.

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Investments in each project are held in accounts blocked by Takasbank, regardless of the amount. As a result of the campaign that successfully completes the investment round, the share distribution operations are carried out at the Central Registrar and transferred to the Entrepreneur Account by Takasbank. After each campaign that fails in the investment round, the funds provided by the investors are returned to the investor accounts by Takasbank.

Share-Based Crowdfunding is one of the most reliable investment methods. Your investments and shares are protected by direct state assurance and not by intermediary private institutions. Funds collected by startups during the campaign are blocked in Takasbank, a subsidiary of Stock Exchange Istanbul, which is designated as Escrow Authority until they reach entrepreneurs or are return to investors. All transactions in this process are registered by the Central Registry Authority. When a share purchase occurs, the investor can see his stake from the e-investor application that works with e-government integration.


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